Top 5 picks for Fishtail Bridal Lehenga

Fishtail Lehenga

If you have already started shopping for your wedding dress, you have most likely seen the latest fashion trend of  mermaid or fishstyle bridal lehenga.The designer fishtail bridal lehenga style can be found on various celebrities on the red carpet and fashion shows.

Girls one of most important time in life is getting married, and choose a dream wedding lehenga is one of the most important thing.When it comes to buying your wedding dress, no doubt plenty of people will have an opinion on what shape and style will best suit you and you may be overwhelmed with all the styles available in the market. Here is our little advice...If you want something special delicate and elegant,just go for fishstyle wedding lehenga. It is your best choice and you will not regret it.

The indowestern style fishtail bridal lehenga has been inspired from the royal era where flowing lehengas were worn by queens and wealthy women.The main distinguishing feature of a fishtail style lehenga is a flowing, scalloped hemline which is often longer at the back than at the front. Fishtail style lehenga hugs the body from the waist all the way down to the knees where it flares out giving an hourglass shape. It is a very modern and sexy shape and will really show off your figure.

Curvier brides should not be afraid of wearing this shape as long as your body shape is in proportion. A flat tummy is essential to looking great in this lehenga.

For fishtail bridal lehenga there are so many styles and colors options, you can not decide which on to buy. So for some inspiration here are our top 5 fish style bridal lehenga picks.

Fish Cut Lehenga 

Meremaid Fish Style Lehenga

Fish Style Lehenga
Fishtail Wedding Lehenga
Fishtail Lehenga Choli
Indian Bridal Fishtail Lehenga Choli
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