How to clean a saree

Saree is one of the most precious outfits in a women's wardrobe. Though purchasing is a big deal, but saree care and saree wash is something challengeable. Today, owning a silk sari meant not only the initial price of the garment but also the cost of dry cleaning. All silk sarees are washable. Most silk sarees can be hand washed. Technically, silk saree does not shrink like other fabric. A good shampoo works well for clean sari . It will remove oil and revitalize your silk saree.

In order to preserve the luster and freshness in the long run of the sarees life proper care and attention is to be taken. Given below are few easy ways to keep your silk sarees long-lasting and looking as elegant and glamorous as a new one.

1. For the first wash, soak the saree in salt water and then rinse well in cold water.

2. Do not wash with soap in the beginning.

3. After two or three plain water washes, use mild detergent and clean quickly.

4. Do not brush or lash a silk saree. This might tear the zari.

5. Wash pallu (Mundhi) and border separately in the beginning.

6. Do not bundle and keep wet for a long time.

7. In case of stains, wash with cold water immediately.

8. For hard stains soak the stained area with petrol and brush with soft cloth.

9. Do not bundle the wet saree along with inferior variety clothes like choli, under gown (Petticoat), etc.

10. While pressing, keep the iron in medum heat only.

11. Store sarees in a cold dry plase dusted with neem leaves.

12. Make sure to change the saree fold once a month in order to avoid zari breakage.
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